Artist, Maker, Nurse
Art & creative wellness
Great Lakes life!
Traverse City, MI & Irish Hills, MI

My mission is to create…fresh, beautiful, vibrant, joyful artwork that heals, nurtures & inspires.

Laura Miller is a northern Michigan artist, maker & nurse that believes in the healing effects of art.  Her mission is to create fresh, beautiful, vibrant, joyful artwork that heals, nurtures & inspires.    She spreads her “creative wellness” message through her art & teaching.

Although Laura’s formal education is in nursing she was introduced to art at a young age by attending classes at the Toledo Museum of Art.  It was there that her love of art began as she sat listening to lectures & creating among the beautiful works of art.  After leaving her nursing career, this early introduction to art continued as she took workshops & classes while building her art business.  Laura loves all things creative including acrylic on canvas painting, working in mixed media, painting in watercolors & art journaling.

When working creatively I lose myself to the process and moment giving me a mental break not otherwise possible. My insight is not a substitute for medical intervention nor is it research based but can be a lesson in how creativity can be used in everyone’s daily life. Just like your health and wellness, “Creative wellness” is a way of life not a point in time.  We all have had difficult times in our life and working creatively can help us in ways we may not realize. 

Laura’s story on US News & Health Report

In order to get through a diagnosis of kidney cancer after donating a kidney to her brother, Laura left her cancer research administration job to embark on a journey of healing through art & creativity. Laura used painting & art journaling as a way to “self medicate” with creativity & refers to her paintings as joyful “care packages”. Her story has been featured in “U.S. News & World Report”, Nurse.com & she shares her “creative wellness” message online & with those she meets.

Laura’s work has been licensed for holiday greeting cards, coloring books, canvas & art prints. Laura has been a contributing artist to the monthly “Do Magazine” as well as the “New Guide to Coloring” book. You can find Laura’s work in several gift & handmade shops in Michigan & Ohio. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries & art centers.

Laura’s love for nature & the outdoors is what inspires her most.  When not creating, she enjoys hiking, working out & keeping a healthy lifestyle.