WHAT IS ART THERAPY:  Art therapy has been around for 30 years and combines the healing qualities of art with psychology.  Art therapists are licensed professionals who are highly trained in working with patients and the interpretation of the patients work (symbols, colors, etc.). 
WHO BENEFITS:  children and adults, individuals and as groups or as a family, persons with mental illness, general illness, cancer, traumatic experiences

WHERE:  art therapy sessions can be in clinical settings as well as in non-clinical settings such as studios

BENEFITS:  stress reduction, conflict resolution, release of anger and emotions, express oneself in a different way

Examples of art therapy exercises (limited list):

  • mandalas
  • visual journaling
  • self portraits
  • painting and drawing
  • collages
  • murals
  • clay and sculpting

I think that all people have an “artful-creative” side and that they benefit perhaps unknowingly from it’s “therapeutic” effects…a form of “self medication”.

What do you do creatively?  Write?  Play Music?  Knit?  Carve?  Crochet?  Woodwork?  Paint?  Dance?  Act?  Take photos?  Garden?  Build models?  How do you benefit from these activities?

NOTE:  This is just a VERY BRIEF overview of art therapy. There is a large body of wonderful work available to thoroughly understand this complex topic both on line and in books.

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