AUTODRAW:  a made up drawing technique that gives adults the permission to color.

The truth is I like to color.  I liked to color when I was a kid…still do as an adult.  So I made up the term “autodraw” to make my desire to color as an adult…legitimate.   I usually autodraw in the evening watching TV or when I don’t feel like setting up a full blown painting session.

Remember how you doodled spontaeously on your notebook while daydreaming in school?  Autodraw requires you to do the same.  Doodle without much or any real planning…kind of zoning out and see where it goes.  Once your drawing is done it’s similar to a page in a coloring book that you would color. 

I created the two autodrawings on this page with a Sakura Micron 0.5 black pen and Liquitex acrylic inks on Canson Mix Media 7X10 acid free paper. 

What did you autodraw?  Your current crush’s name?  Hearts?  Flowers?  Car?  Bike?  Sports?  How you hated the class you are in?  Or maybe you drew this past week?  In a meeting?  Or my fellow nurses, in a boring seminar you signed up for to get 0.5 of the 25 CEU’s you need?  =)

Here is my logo..livividli (pronounced live vividly).

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