When I take walks along the beach, I’m always looking for beach inspiration finds for drawings, photos and paintings

On this day, the first day of fall, I found so many.  Stones, feathers, dog prints, and even a kindred soul left some things along the way too.  The Happy Fall message created on the beach was there when I walked far along the coast.

I feel the same way…fall is beautiful.

12beach inspiration finds

A petoskey stone is a prized find along the coast of Lake Michigan in the north west part of Michigan.  This is a small one but you can see the pattern that distinguishes it from all other rocks.  I’ve drawn illustrations of these stones.

beach soothes soul

3beach inspiration finds

I came across this heart of stones topped off with a feather made by a kindred spirit.

4beach inspiration finds

Simple white seagull feather…I’ve drawn these as well.

5beach inspiration finds

I haven’t included dog prints in any of my work as of yet…

7beach inspiration finds

The west coast of Michigan has a variety of stones because of the way the Great Lakes were formed…all beautiful in color and pattern.  I’m thinking I may draw them.

11beach inspiration finds

The colors of the water and sky are beautiful.

16beach inspiration finds

Dog day at the beach.

18beach inspiration finds

The kindred soul left this rock and stone sculpture in the grass.

19beach inspiration finds

1beach inspiration finds