With symptoms of GI distress, mouth discomfort and an occasional full body rash (yes, very attractive), I was diagnosed with celiacs in December of 2010.

The diagnosis was a bit of a surprise as we didn’t know of anyone having it in the family.  Slowly, family stories came out of an Uncle that could only eat rice and a cousin who had similar symptoms.   Well, there you go.

During the first year I read everything I could about celiacs.  I pretty much ate fresh foods or pre-packaged meals until I learned to cook on my own.    I found trying new recipes a creative outlet and started posting about my gluten-free adventures…I call it “Gluten-Free Homestyle“.

Going out to eat initially was problematic but now many restaurants have gluten-free items on their menus.  My family has gotten used to my eating habits and regularly buy things for me to eat…LOVE THEM ALL!

Here are my Gluten Free Homestyle posts.

Those who think they don’t have time for bodily exercise will

sooner or later have to find time for illness.  -Edward Stanley

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