I love January!  The period after the rush of the holidays (Octovember) has become one of my favorite times of the year.

Cleaning, organizing and overall clearing of the clutter is a ritual I look forward to.  With it comes new ideas and new possibilities.  Sometimes we don’t even realize what has accumulated around you.  “Managing” the clutter becomes such a distraction from what you are meant to do and enjoy.

I’ve made great strides in cleaning my studio this past week.  I got rid of items that did not support my art goals.  Most of it are craft projects that I know I will never get to.  I’ll continue to go through my entire living space to get rid of items that are holding me back.   It can be so freeing to get rid of “stuff”!

I recently came across an article that said that fashion is the second-highest polluting industry behind oil and the idea of “slow fashion”.   It’s made me want to re-think my closet and clothing purchases.

There is also a day called Slow Art Day.  Saturday, April 9th is the 2016 Slow art Day and here is the idea behind it.

Is clutter holding you back?

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