2mallard lakenature walk

Take a photowalk to document what inspires you but also to get some needed exercise!

I often walk with a friend to make it a bit of a “therapy”  talk session as well.  I also use a fitness tracker to keep track of how far I walk.

The only camera equipment I take is my digital camera and iPhone.  I don’t take a bag or extra lenses so that I can walk freely and keep photo taking simple.  Here’s a post about how I use my iPhone.

I find most of my inspiration in nature but walks in the city, a museum, zoo or anywhere else you find inspiration will do.  Look for subjects with color, pattern, and textures you like.

Here are some other photos I’ve taken…many during my walks.

10cali flowers


Don’t forget to take photos in various ways…up-close, faraway and at interesting angles and lighting.  The photo of the rose was taken at a cabin near a California lake

15cali flowers

A photo of the California coast near Santa Cruz.

2cali coast


So what do you do with your photos?

Sketch the scene or object.  This is a quick watercolor sketch I created after a visit along the California coast.

6seascape sketch laura miller artist


You can use the photos for your art journal.  I used photos of our beloved german shepherd, Marley to create a pet art journal as a way to preserve our memories of him.   He loved to take walks…especially in the snow.

12pet art journal

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