Making foam stamps with your own designs is easy!

I like the idea of having my own designs on stamps but I find carving stamps a bit difficult.  Carved stamps are great for certain designs but for my designs I use craft foam sheets with a peel and stick backing.  They cost $ 0.99 for a 9X12 sheet at Michaels.

The first thing I do is draw my designs on the back of the sheet (the paper side).  I used an Ultra Fine Sharpie.  Then I use scissors to cut the basic outer shape.

Next I carefully use an Xacto knife to cut the inside of the design.    Once cut out I peel the backing and place on foam board.  After securing it to the board I use the Xacto knife to cut off extra unwanted board.

I love how the designs look stamped on the surface!  I have a lot more to do.

1foam stamps art journal laura miller

You can create alot of stamps if you strategically place your designs close together.

2foam stamps art journal laura miller

An Xacto knife makes clean cuts for the inner part of the design.

3foam stamps art journal laura miller

Just peel and stick to foam core board and cut the excess off for a perfect size stamp.

4foam stamps art journal laura miller

I can’t wait to get all my designs cut out and use in my art journal and as surface pattern.  Maybe I’ll make some tea towels.