Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.

I love this quote by Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet and playwright, because it rings true in life as well as in art.

I recently tried working on a new subject in my paintings because I thought it would make them more marketable and I ended up absolutely hating the paintings.  The subject required me to paint in dark, dreary colors that just aren’t…me.
Remember the Sesame Street game…”one of these things is not like the others…one of these things just doesn’t belong”?  These paintings don’t just belong with the rest of my paintings.

Not that you shouldn’t go out of your comfort zone by trying new techniques and colors to mix it up but sometimes you might feel like your not being authentic in your work…the real you.  It will show…and it will not sell.

It was a good lesson to learn but I wasted time and materials on this. I will probably gesso over the paintings and move on.

Have you ever tried to be something you’re not?  Felt forced?  Your gut giving you signs it’s not right?  Was it a waste of time?

Here’s one of my autodrawings…reminds me to be authentic.

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