I am so grateful that my Mom saw the importance of exposing me to art at a young age.  If it wasn’t for her dragging me to art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art every Saturday I wouldn’t be painting or writing about it today. 

There is so much emphasis on children participating in sports activities (it’s a good thing) but being creative is an exercise of the mind and can provide balance in a child’s schedule of activities.  In addition, school budgets are being cut with the arts getting hit hard.  Exposing your child to art is up to you!

Here are some ideas on how to expose children to art:

  • Visit a local art museum. Check to see if they have reduced rates on certain days.
  • Visit a local art gallery or visit an artist.
  • Visit your library if they feature artwork. Many libraries partner with the local art community to provide rotating artwork.
  • Include visits to art museums and galleries when traveling.
  • Take a walk to view outdoor art and sculptures that are now common in many cities.
  • Go to art fairs such as the popular Ann Arbor Art Fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Enroll in art classes at a local art center, community education, libraries or after school programs.  Many have parent-child classes.
  • Be creative yourself…your child will take note.  My Mom and sister are creative too!
  • Have a creative space in your home.
  • Keep arts and craft supplies on hand. 
  • Create a gallery at home to showcase your child’s artwork.
  • Enroll in summer art camps.
  • Have a library of arts and crafts books at home.  Many used books can be picked up inexpensively at library book sales.  Read library books about artists and art.
  • Find a creative recycle center such as the Scrap Box in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I LOVE this place!
  • Be attune to art around you…graffiti, signs, murals on walls and buildings, in nature, on clothing and objects (stationary, cell phone covers, etc.).  Art is everywhere!
  • Find age appropriate online resources.
  • Have your children make holiday greeting cards.

What do you do to expose your children to art?  Can you add to this list?


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