You’ll need to ring a doorbell to get into the museum…go ahead…you’ll be glad you did!

I recently visited the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art in Denver.  From the outside the building appears small and blends right into the neighborhood but when you get inside…there’s alot to see!  

The museum is named after Vance Kirkland, a prominent Colorado painter originally from Ohio.  The museum building itself was this great artist’s home and  studio.  It houses his works but also has collections of many other artists including a wonderful collection of decorative arts.

The most interesting characteristic of Vance Kirkland was his unusual painting technique.  He painted on large supports that needed to lay flat so that the paint would not drip. Because the paintings needed to remain flat he painted suspended from straps hooked from the ceiling of the studio.  The studio has been preserved as it was at his death in 1981 with supplies, storage and the original straps hanging from the ceiling.  As part of the studio exhibit, there are photos of him painting as he lay hovering above the table. 

The other great thing about the museum is that it only costs $7 dollars to enjoy!

To find out more about the museum go the the following website:

Let me know what you think about your experience at the museum.

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