The “Art of Recycle” has created an amazing list of creative reuse stores worldwide.

I am such an advocate of these stores that I wanted to create a list but came across the “Art of Recycle”, a store in Pennsylvania that had already generated an exhaustive list.  Find a store near you. No store?  Think about starting one.

What is a “creative reuse store”?

These stores are usually non profits (run by volunteers) that accept donations of materials that can be used in the creative process…think thrift craft stores.

The materials in the stores vary.  Many receive materials from corporations and manufacturers in the area so you never know what you might find.  Many of these materials would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Materials also come from the public…individuals and  small businesses that donate their unused craft, art and miscellaneous materials.

Many of these locations have classrooms for teaching and holding parties.

Who can use them?

Everyone!  Artists, teachers, schools, church groups, homeschoolers…the list is endless.  These stores are a mixed media artists and crafters heaven.  They provide items at a low cost and help the environment.

I have also used items purchased to organize my studio…buckets for my paints, recycled plastic containers for small items, and a table to work on.

These stores operate on a shoestring so please support them!  Share this post.

I have placed a link on my blog for future reference.  Look on the left side for the link.

Here are a few projects using materials from my local creative reuse store.


Fabric from a creative reuse store used to make a rag wreath.


Reclaimed nuts, bolts, screws & springs used to make rock owls.

3industrial packaging waste material stamps

Industrial packaging waste used to create stamps.


These are stamps made with dimensional Tulip Slick paint on repurposed wood sample blocks.


These are refrigerator magnets that were gessoed and then decorated with markers.

3highlighter doodled flowers

This is an altered book with highlighter art.

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