I’m working on coloring pages.  Some are seasonal coloring pages for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day & Easter.

Here’s a couple that I’ve finished.  I need to re-stock (from the holidays) what I have in the local markets and galleries where my work is being sold.  I’m also considering them as downloads…I’ll keep you posted.

The pages still need to be “senior citizen” tested by my Mom who gives me feedback.  She says the bold lines really help with “old, tired” eyes.  She is so sweet…83 years young and such an inspiration!

I picked up the old school candy hearts at the store to see what sayings they have on them.   Most were classic sayings but there was one that used a hashtag (#), one that said “wicked cool”  and “sweet tweet” and one with a mustache.

Of course I had to sort them (I’m an organizing enthusiast) and decided to make a candy heart mandala with them.

1love peace coloring page1crayon quote4love peace coloring page

2love peace coloring page

6love peace coloring page

7love peace coloring page

3love peace coloring page

5love peace coloring page

8love peace coloring page