My dog, Kaya, is just over a year old.  Over this past year she has chewed many things.  Most of these things are mine. 

She has chewed so many things that she punishes herself.  Here is a photo of her when she put herself into time out.  I appreciate that she does this.  It’s a real time saver.

Below is a montage of things she has chewed.  You will find not so expensive things she chewed like a rotten banana, loofah ball, my favorite spatula, my beautiful lilac bush, a flip flop, toothbrush, a jar of salsa and loaves of bread and bags of my home made gluten free cookies. 

You will also find expensive things like the brand new artificial Christmas tree where she chewed the bottom row of branches, wires and lights.  This tree was thrown out.  It was a fire hazard.

She also chewed the front passenger seat belt in my vehicle.  Family and friends sat in the back seat for a month and a half until it was repaired.  On occasion, I remind Kaya what a bad girl she was for doing such a thing.  It cost $300.

She will grow out of this.


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