I was recently asked by a reporter from the US News and World Report on what I mean by “creative wellness” for a recent article.

In response, I said that if you relate to how you take care of your health to creativity then you can understand how creativity can be part of your overall “wellness” just like eating right and exercising.

Wellness is actively seeking to be in good health and creativity can be a part of it. Perfect health just doesn’t happen one day.  We never say that “I am in perfect health so I am done”.   It’s a continuous process…it never ends.   We have to “maintain” our health.   So just like your health and wellness, “Creative wellness” is a way of life not a point in time.  We too have to maintain our creative wellness.

creative wellness is a way of life


We all have had difficult times in our life and working creatively can help us in ways we may not realize.  Research is proving this out.  So how can you you can get the positive effects of creativity on your own?   All you have to do is START TO ENGAGE CREATIVELY.


Start by finding your muse.   Figure out what you are passionate about.   What is it that makes you lose track of time?   That “thing” you get so absorbed in that you forget how long you’ve been working on it.   You get the idea!?!

  • Is it painting?
  • Woodworking?
  • Music?
  • Writing?
  • Knitting?
  • Sewing?
  • Cooking?
  •  Whatever it is?

I have first hand experience with the healing effects of art.

There were many ways in which I used/use creativity to “get my spark back” and maintain it.  Think of this like starting to exercise again…check with your doctor to see that you are ready and then start.  You can read my full story here.

Most of the projects on my blog have an expressive meaning with each one of them.  They are all part of me getting my spark back and maintaining my creative wellness.


Secondly, you need to make an effort to do something creative everyday no matter how small it is.   By small, I mean it can be just looking at colors that inspire you or noticing the pattern in a leaf.   No pressure to make a finished piece of art or write a perfect poem.   Just a little something that takes your mind away to that creative place.

Somedays that may be all you have the ability and energy to do.  That’s ok.

Check back for more posts on “Creative Wellness”!

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